Looking For Work in Australia?

Become a member of the Australian Job Club and get dedicated support in finding paid work in Australia. Farm work, Au Pair, hospitality, construction, office, and more!

The Working Holiday Arrival Pack

Make the most of your time in Australia and have the opportunity to find work in a wide range of job industries across all regions of Australia. This package is the best job service for backpackers and students looking for work fast!

With a wide range of jobs available exclusively to Job Club members, this is a way to save money by finding work quicker, with a package that includes everything you need to find work in Australia.

What’s included?

  • 12 Months of Job Club Membership

  • Australian Bank Account Set-up
  • Tax File Number Set-up
  • Superannuation Fund Set-up
  • Mobile Phone SIM Card
  • 1-on-1 Job Assistance
  • CV / Resume Support & Editing
  • Free Internet & Wifi Card
  • Discounts on Travel Bookings
  • Backpackers Social Nights

Contact the Flexi Travel Team for more info on starting your Australian Working Holiday adventure:



  1. Could u provide some with job offer, such that he travels knowing he will get work to do (looking after animals) and so on .waiting for ur response thank u for this grate work!.


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